Phoenix Ray Gun

Phoenix Gun ™️

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Phoenix Gun ™️
Phoenix Gun ™️ Phoenix Gun ™️ Phoenix Gun ™️ Phoenix Gun ™️ Phoenix Gun ™️ Phoenix Gun ™️ Phoenix Gun ™️

Goodbye Muscle Pain!

A revolutionary deep muscle treatment that uses rapid, repetitive strokes to stimulate blood flow, remove muscle knots, and relieve sore muscles! Our unique 16 mm stroke length & 3 industry-leading speeds delivers the most effective muscle treatment of any handheld device!

 Benefits of Percussion Therapy:

  • Releases muscle tension, soreness, and tightness
  • Great relief for Plantar Fasciitis
  • Speeds up muscle recovery
  • Naturally relieves pain

4 different Massage Heads 

The Phoenix Gun features 4 different massage heads use to penetrate different muscle groups throughout the body. For full body relief 


Used by the Best

 The Phoenix Gun ™️ is used by Professional Athletes all over the world. If you look closely, you will see this massage gun on the sideline, in the gym, or even in the Physical Therapist Office. It is portable, quiet, and easy to use. It's usable for anyone with sore muscles! We can help you instantly relieve your muscles!

Instant Pain Relief

The Phoenix Guns 60lbs of max force instantly relieves pain by loosening up those tight and sore muscles.  Use lighter speeds for those extra sensitive areas and use harder speeds for the big muscles.

Design and Functionality