Phoenix Ray Gun

About Us.

Logically aligned for ideal outcomes.

Each Phoenix Ray Gun houses an incredible mechanical evaluation Japanese engine, built to absolutely convey 16 mm of Amplitude at a speed of 40 percussions for each second on the body. We deliberately tried this alignment of profundity and speed to guarantee our gadgets offer the best proficient evaluation percussive treatment accessible for help with discomfort, improved execution, and quickened recuperation.

Our restrictive 16 mm Amplitude gives profound muscle alleviation and improved fix, diminishing torment and expanding scope of movement.

Restrictive gearbox | Engineered from the back to front.

We worked intimately with mechanical, modern, and sound architects from MIT to structure and develop the high-exactness mechanics that power our Phoenix Ray Gun gadgets' practical components. The outcome? A completely re-designed restrictive gearbox, worked for most extreme adequacy and unwavering quality.

Each Phoenix Ray Gun gadget's fabricate fuses best in class sound protection procedures to give a half calmer encounter from prior models, without trading off our severe exhibition prerequisites.

Master level power

The Phoenix Ray Gun high caliber modern evaluation engine is explicitly intended to convey up to 60 lbs of power, for experts and clients who require the most profound treatment experience without slowing down.

Connections | Targeted treatment for each muscle.

Our organizer, chiropractor Dr. Zachary Zinland, planned every one of our one of a kind Attachments to take into account everyone's needs, giving focused on, zone explicit help for each muscle gathering.

Highlighting contrasting degrees of immovability in accurately built shapes, every Attachment is specialist tried and made of shut cell PU froth, which is antimicrobial and non-permeable. Our connections skim effectively on skin and garments, while salves, oils, and sweat can be effectively cleaned away, making them increasingly sterile.

Ergonomically solid.

Impeccably weighted and ergonomically solid, our one of a kind multi-grasp configuration is explicitly intended to boost straightforwardness, solace, and convenience, with zero pressure or weight on lower arms, hands, and wrists - regardless of whether you're treating yourself or others.

3 time tested velocities.

3 exceptionally viable rates. Notwithstanding our standard treatment speed of 40 percussions for each second, we offer a lighter treatment speed of 29 percussions for every second, deliberately adjusted for touchy, sore zones.